Clearwater County integrates Perle Console Servers for Out-of-Band Management of Micro Data Centers

PRINCETON, N.J. (May 16, 2023): Clearwater County, located in west-central Alberta, Canada, has announced its selection of Perle Console Servers for the out-of-band management of micro data centers, also known as point-of-presence (PoP) sites. The IOLAN Console Servers will enable administrators to remotely access and manage all equipment housed in numerous PoP sites throughout the county, as part of the Core Backbone Broadband Internet Plan. This multi-year initiative aims to deliver high-speed Internet connectivity at lower prices to a majority of local residents and businesses.

Diagram showing IOLAN Console Servers providing out-of-band management to Clearwater County micro data centers

With multiple PoPs needed across a wide geography, a robust method to remotely access and manage the various sites is critical. Using IOLAN SCG Console Servers for out-of-band management is the solution chosen by Clearwater County. Bradley Welygan, an IT System Administrator for Clearwater County, said, “We use them for connectivity to a bunch of Point of Presence sites throughout the county for out-of-band management of the fiber and network equipment. Each IOLAN SCG is managing the whole site - the DC, the AC, the networking equipment - everything that needs to be accessed and managed remotely.”

Bradley and his team can connect to each IOLAN SCG Console Server directly over the fiber infrastructure or by using LTE access as a backup.

We had been using a different provider, but their price point was too high. From a functionality standpoint, the Perle products deliver what we require at a more affordable cost.

— Bradley Welygan , IT System Administrator for Clearwater County

About Clearwater County -

Located in west-central Alberta, Clearwater County is over 18,000 square kilometers of diverse and breathtaking landscapes. From oil and gas to farming to forestry, industry, and economic development abounds in the region. Residents and visitors experience adventure with countless lakes and rivers, mountains, forests, and prairies offering a year-round outdoor playground for all. Clearwater County provides approximately 12,000 residents with services and programs and a commitment to good government, strong values, and partnerships.


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