Power and Efficiency Reinvented: Perle Systems Launches IDS-100HP PoE Switches

Fully compliant IEEE802.3bt PoE Industrial Switches that support all PD types, classes, and topologies in a compact DIN Rail chassis.

Perle Systems Launches IDS-100HP PoE Switches

PRINCETON, N.J. (Nov 14, 2023): Perle Systems, a leading provider of cutting-edge device networking hardware, is proud to introduce IDS-100HP PoE Switches to their product portfolio. These switches redefine power and efficiency in industrial networking, offering advanced features not found in other unmanaged PoE switches.

Industrial environments demand networking solutions that withstand extreme conditions while maintaining high performance and compliance with safety standards. With eight PoE ports that offer up to 90W, with 270W of total available power, IDS-100HP Switches support the most power-hungry devices, like PTZ cameras, to ensure flexibility without worrying about power distribution. The extensive temperature tolerance, resistance to vibration and shock, and adherence to stringent safety standards are safeguards for reliable performance in the harshest industrial settings.

The IDS-100HP PoE Switches possess two uncommon features that stand out in the unmanaged switch marketplace. First, the watchdog feature enables an IDS-100HP switch to operate as an intelligent device to prevent packet loss from powered devices (PDs) in the network. If a PD becomes unresponsive, the IDS-100HP will reboot the device without interrupting other PDs connected to the switch. Additionally, the built-in QoS (Quality of Service) support for EtherNet/IP and PROFINET enables traffic prioritization and effective management of resources, enhancing network performance and efficiency.

We are thrilled to launch the IDS-100HP PoE Switches, which offer a unique combination of rugged performance, enhanced functionality, and advanced features. With the watchdog feature and QoS support, our customers can experience improved network reliability and optimized resource management, increasing productivity and cost savings.

— John Feeney , COO at Perle Systems


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