Perle Systems named M2M Network Equipment Company of the Year

Perle products create the crucial bridge between isolated IoT devices and an enterprise network data processing hub.

PRINCETON, N.J. (Jan 17, 2024): Perle Systems, a global manufacturer of secure device networking hardware, has been recognized as the "M2M Network Equipment Company of the Year" in the 2024 IoT Breakthrough Awards. These awards honor excellence and recognize IoT companies' and technologies' innovation, creativity, hard work, and success worldwide.

Perle Systems' recognition as the 'M2M Network Equipment Company of the Year' in the 2024 IoT Breakthrough Awards is a testament to their outstanding commitment to innovation and excellence in the Internet of Things industry. Perle's products play a crucial role in creating the bridge between isolated IoT devices and enterprise network data processing hubs, unlocking the untapped potential of industrial data acquisition. We extend our sincere congratulations to the entire Perle team for their well-deserved IoT Breakthrough Award.

— Steve Johansson , Managing Director of IoT Breakthrough
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The industrial landscape is bristling with billions of untapped data points trapped within sensor-laden machinery, remote assets, and legacy infrastructure. The data contains a goldmine of information that can be used to develop efficiency gains, cost reductions, and operational optimizations. Connecting these devices to robust, purpose-built networks is the critical first step of industrial data acquisition.

As a manufacturer since the mid-1970s, Perle Systems provides the necessary connectivity hardware through a comprehensive suite of Industrial Cellular Routers, Ethernet Switches, Fiber Media Converters, and Serial Device Servers to enable clients to create secure and reliable IoT and M2M device connectivity across diverse network infrastructures.

— John Feeney , COO at Perle Systems

Perle's products enable enterprise networks to access and process critical data stored in isolated devices. Cellular routers extend internet reach deep into remote facilities and field locations. Fiber media converters breathe new life into existing copper cabling by enabling seamless integration with modern fiber-optic backbones. Industrial Ethernet switches, built to withstand harsh environments and high data loads, ensure reliable data transport across factory floors and production lines. Finally, serial device servers act as interpreters, translating the serial data from critical equipment into digestible Ethernet data streams for modern analysis platforms.

By unleashing the power of industrial IoT data, factories can use the data streaming from temperature sensors and vibration monitors to implement predictive maintenance to prevent costly breakdowns. Energy grids can reduce waste and costs by monitoring real-time consumption details from smart meters. Businesses can improve supply chain visibility by tracking the location and condition of raw materials and finished goods to enhance collaboration and logistics.

By harnessing the power of connected data, we rewrite the narrative of the IoT. It's a strategic investment in operational excellence, cost reduction, and a competitive edge. With the proper network infrastructure in place, businesses can tap into the hidden potential of their data, transforming it to churn out insights that fuel smarter decisions and optimize operations.

With its wide range of rugged products designed for industrial deployments, Perle Systems is a go-to provider for IoT and M2M network equipment needs. It delivers secure, reliable, certified hardware with all the advanced features that network managers need to rely on.

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