December 05, 2019

Perle launches IRG5000 Industrial LTE Routers for M2M and IIoT

IRG5000 LTE Routers have been designed to withstand the harsh and hazardous environments found in factories, smart grids, pipelines, mining, smart city infrastructure, IP camera surveillance systems, and automation and control systems

IRG5000 LTE Routers

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Dec. 5, 2019 — Perle Systems, a global provider of advanced networking hardware, has released an extensive line of IRG5000 Industrial LTE Routers with ruggedized hardware and extensive connectivity options. Certified for operation on 33 LTE bands internationally, with speeds up to 600Mbps downlink and 150Mbps uplink, Perle IRG5000 Industrial Routers solve connectivity challenges in a wide variety of M2M and IIoT applications.

Whether connecting industrial equipment, remote data loggers, or sensing devices to process IoT data at the edge, or routing data in rugged outdoor environments for mass transit and industrial applications, Perle IRG5000 LTE Routers accelerate deployment of high-performance cellular networking with secure connectivity, location-based services, and remote management.

Industrial application environments may be subject to high levels of electrical energy, explosive gases, extreme temperatures, dust, water splash, or vibration,” comments John Feeney, COO at Perle Systems. “Therefore, using high-quality IIoT solutions is vital.”

IRG5000 LTE Routers have been designed with the high-quality and robust components that will withstand these harsh and hazardous environments.

  • Rugged die-cast aluminum IP54 enclosures for dust & water ingress or corrosion resistant IP20 aluminum cases.
  • Shock and vibration resistance certified to MIL-STD-810G, SAE J1455 & EN 61373
  • Hazloc per IECEx/IECx, ATEX, & ANSI/ISA Class 1 Div 2
  • -40°F to 158°F ( -40°C to 70°C ) operating temperature
  • Network connectivity via LTE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB 3.2, and Serial
  • RS232, RS485, Alarm Relay, and multiple I/O to connect equipment
M2M LTE Connectivity Diagram

Perle IRG5000 Industrial LTE Routers are ideal for deployment in factories, smart grids, pipelines, mining, smart city infrastructure, IP camera surveillance systems, and automation and control systems to intelligently manage and monitor remote assets, machinery, and critical infrastructure.

Designed to operate on limited power sources by consuming less than 1 Watt in idle mode also make the IRG5000 ideal for battery and solar applications. Standby Mode can also be used to protect power sources by dropping power consumption to less than 50 mW. This can be triggered by timers, low voltage detection, or I/O. And, IRG5000 Routers work with the existing power infrastructure in 2G/3G deployments that are migrating to LTE to eliminate the need to invest in replacement equipment.

With extensive protocol routing support (RIP, OSPF, BGP-4, IPv4, IPv6, OpenVPN, IPSec VPN, and DHCP), integrated zone-based policy firewall, 2 Factor Authentication, and remote authentication (RADIUS, TACACS+) management, IRG5000 Industrial LTE Routers will integrate seamlessly with enterprise-grade systems in hierarchical or large mesh network structures to control access to devices in the field and protect inside networks from unauthorized access.



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