February 10th, 2017

Fas Agro manufacturing plants use Perle Ethernet Extenders to facilitate network connectivity

Ethernet Extenders enable transmission of data beyond 328ft.

NASHVILLE, TN—February 10th, 2017 — Perle Systems, a global provider of secure device networking hardware, reveals how Ethernet Extenders enabled Fas Agro, a Nigerian packaging company, to interconnect 6 manufacturing plants onto one shared Ethernet network.

As the company grew to have multiple facilities located around Kano, Nigeria, internal reporting of production data became more complicated. Fas Agro could no longer rely on the manual systems that were sufficient in the past.

Ethernet Extenders

“We needed better communication and for the whole company to be on an IP network,” says Khodor Fawaz, CEO of Fas Agro. “Because of the nature of the dispersed manufacturing zones, it looked as though we would need to install a fiber optic network. This was a financial outlay greater than what we wanted to commit at this point.”

Fas Agro Network Diagram

Because each facility was located within 3km of each other, Fas Agro decided to install Perle Gigabit Ethernet Extenders at each plant in. This enabled them to share a single Ethernet network throughout the company.

COO John Feeney at Perle Systems comments, “We see this situation all of the time. The high cost of network expansion using fiber can be prohibitive. Many facilities do not need to expand their network over hundreds of kilometers. This makes Ethernet Extenders an ideal alternative. Network quality is not compromised, and the flexibility of network expansion up to 3km is more than sufficient."

Read the whole Fas Agro Case Study here.



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