July 19, 2016

IT-Helpdesk use Perle Ethernet Extenders at annual Village Green Festival for long distance data transmission

Perle Ethernet Extenders close the 250m gap between Manor House and Festival grounds

NASHVILLE, TN—July 19th, 2016 — The Village Green Festival in Essex, UK, transforms Chalkwell Park from a semi-rural garden, with a couple of hundred daily users, to a festival ground where 25,000 people congregate to share their enthusiasm for literature, art and music.

Every year, IT-Helpdesk.Co sets up the data communication network for the festival.  During this process they need to extend an Ethernet link 250 meters across the festival grounds. Given that copper-based Ethernet connections are limited to a data transmission distance of only 100 meters, this originally posed a challenge to Michael Dempsey, Managing Director at IT-Helpdesk.Co.

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IT-Helpdesk.Co Network Diagram

Ethernet copper cable is run from the Manor House on the edge of Chalkwell Park over 250m to the main ticketing office. At either end of the cable IT-Helpdesk connect it to a Perle Ethernet Extender which provides seamless data transmission and connectivity to a number of wireless access points, media tents, exhibitor tents and local service feeds.


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