July 26, 2016

Perle Releases IOLAN Firmware v4.8

IOLAN Firmware v4.8 upgrades support for OpenSSL, OpenSSH, Additional IP filter ranges and Toggle RTS feature.

NASHVILLE, TN - July 26, 2016 — Perle Systems, a global provider of secure device networking hardware, today recommended that all customers upgrade to IOLAN Firmware version 4.8 on all IOLAN Terminal Servers, Console Servers and Device Servers. This new firmware updated with the latest version OpenSSL and Open SSH, additional IP filter ranges and a new Toggle RTS feature.


“Perle remains committed to the Serial to Ethernet device connectivity market,” says Joe Perle, CEO of Perle Systems.  “Whether IOLANs are being used to perform secure remote data center management, out-of-band management of IT assets or to simply connect equipment with RS232, RS422 or RS485 serial ports to Ethernet, we plan to safeguard each customer’s long-term investment in Perle products.  We will continue with product development and new firmware releases to ensure our products evolve with the current and future technology demands of our growing customer base.”

Upgrade to version 4.8 to take advantage of one or more of its enhanced features, including:

OpenSSL & Open SSH – v4.8 has been updated with the latest version of OpenSSL and OpenSSH that included fixes to a number vulnerabilities identified by the security community.

Additional IP filter ranges - In order to provide secure access from various networks, it is now possible for the user to configure up to 6 separate IP filter ranges.

Toggle RTS Feature - A new feature was added to support Microsoft’s “Toggle RTS” mode of operation for serial com ports. In this mode of operation, the RS232 signal RTS will automatically be raised once data begins to be transmitted and will lower once data stops being transmitted by the software application.  The IOLAN firmware, in conjunction with Perle’s TruePort redirector software, now meets this specific mode of operation.

Perle recommends that customers upgrade IOLAN’s to Firmware v4.8.


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