TruePort: A COM Re-director Utility

Provide true virtual serial ports ( also known as virtual COM ports ) over an Ethernet LAN.

Remote ports appear as “Direct Connect” COM or TTY ports to an application.

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Many software applications have been written to communicate with devices that are directly connected to a server’s serial COM port.  Companies want to network enable these applications because the devices that were directly connected to the servers COM ports need to be moved to a remote location some distance way from the application server.

TruePort Diagram

Since the original application was designed to talk directly to a specific COM port , a solution, which is seamless to both the application and device, must be implemented to enable communication across an IP network infrastructure.  In other words, a solution that makes the application think is talking directly to the COM port is required.  People often refer to this as creating a "virtual serial port" or creating a "virtual COM port".

Perle’s TruePort is a COM port re-director driver utility that is installed on the application server.  All COM port directed data sent by the application is re-directed by TruePort across the IP/Ethernet network to remote Perle Terminal Servers or I/O Device Servers or LTE Routers which have the target devices connected to them. Data and serial port signaling is transparently communicated between the application and remote device.

Many organizations run these applications on various server platforms.  While other Terminal Server vendors provide a COM port redirector that is limited to the Windows operating systems, Perle’s TruePort provides a comprehensive driver set supporting Windows, Linux and Unix operating systems. View all supported operating systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Application software changes are not required, eliminating costly upgrades and modifications
  • Allows multiple connections with multiple COM ports
  • IPv6 addressing across all operating systems
  • Initiate sessions from either TruePort or remote device servers
  • Seamless communication of serial data and port signaling
  • SSL client/server capability using AES or 3DES encryption
  • Ability to pass serial control signaling information across TCP for secure transmission of information on SSH and SSL sessions
  • Provides up to 4000 COM ports with Windows, Unix and Linux supporting large serial device deployments*
  • Can provide over 10,000 sessions for Solaris serial applications*
  • TruePort is available with a no charge license for use with Perle Terminal Servers and I/O Device Servers and LTE Routers


POS and data acquisition – Enable communication between a remote software application and devices such as barcode readers, scanners, weigh scales, tills, etc connected to Perle IOLAN Terminal Servers .

Industrial Automation – Enable communication between a remote SCADA/HMI application and devices such as PLC’s connected to Perle Terminal Servers .

Modbus ASCII/RTU applications can also perform data acquisition and control of remote I/O devices connected to Perle I/O Device Servers .

Data Encryption over SSL Connections – When utilized with Perle’s TruePort, an application can maintain a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) session with remote devices attached to Perle Terminal Servers , protecting sensitive data through the use of powerful encryption ciphers such as AES.

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* Limited to O/S restrictions and server processing power


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