May 12, 2016

CBK Engineering integrate Perle in Remote Alarm Multiplexers installed at the Rockefeller Center, Two World Financial Center & the Pepsi Building

Plug & Play system provides continued power operation

NASHVILLE, TN—May 12th, 2016 — Keeping Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), HVAC and other environmental systems operational is common sense critical. If these systems fail, business operations in any affected building face a shut-down.

To prevent these types of disasters, CBK Engineering was approached by an electrical contractor in New York City to design a Remote Alarm Multiplexer system. The idea was to design a closed network with I/O Alarm closures to monitor things like temperature sensors, humidity sensors, USP fault alarms and water leak alarms.  The closures would be mirrored to a master location up to 5000 ft way to trigger redundant device take over.

New York City

Joe Woods, specifying Engineer at CBK Engineering comments, “The key to this design was to keep the final solution as easy to install as possible. To many people, terminology like ‘digital extension’ and ‘fiber connectivity’ means complicated and expensive.  This is not necessarily the case.”

CBK Network Diagram

The final solution contained Perle I/O Device Servers and Industrial Ethernet Switches, which were pre-configured so that the Electrical Engineer could merely plug the Remote Alarm Multiplexer in and forget about it. They are currently installed in landmark locations throughout NYC including Rockefeller Center, Two World Financial Center and the Pepsi Building to monitor UPS, HVAC and other environmental systems.

For more details read the full CBK Engineering Case Study.


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