September 06, 2017

Perle PoE+ Media Converters Network & Power Video Cameras in Coldplay Tour

VER chooses Perle for their high-quality design and reliable reputation

NASHVILLE, September 6th, 2017 — The amount of infrastructure required for a 28 stop concert, such as the current Coldplay “A Head Full of Dreams” tour, is immense. For the show to come together, the video cameras, sound and lighting equipment need to be powered and networked at each arena or stadium. The entire set is then transported from one location to the next in conditions that range from dry and dusty to humid and raining.

PoE+ Media Converters

VER, the largest owner of single-mode fiber cable in the United States, is responsible for setting up the fiber network for the video equipment at every venue over the course of the Coldplay tour.

Derek Burt, Head of the Concert Touring Division at VER, comments, The show must go on, and you only get one shot at it. All equipment used needs to be rugged and stand up to extreme fluctuating conditions.

The Coldplay set is split over several stages. To cover each angle of each stage, Panasonic Robotic PoE+ Video Cameras are setup and controlled over standard UTP Ethernet cables. Burt needed a solution to power the PoE+ cameras over standard UTP cables while simultaneously transmitting the video data back out over the Single mode fiber network.

VER Network Diagram

By connecting the video cameras to Perle PoE+ Media Converters, this was achieved. The Media Converters transparently connect copper to fiber for data transmission, and inject 30W PoE+ power up the UTP cable to the video camera while withstanding the vibrations and shocks found in concert operating environments.

Burt explains, We wanted something which was enterprise grade, robust and 24/7 online. We felt that the Perle product was in keeping with what we wanted to do. We simply cannot risk our reputation on products failing during the show.

In addition to Perle Fiber Media Converters, all VER Engineers have Perle PINJ30 PoE / PoE+ Mid-span Injectors in their tool kits for use in environments where copper to fiber connectivity is not required.

Find out more by reading the Coldplay Case Study.


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