November 9, 2010

Perle Systems Expands Media Converter Line

Over 70 new Media Converter models provide more options for fiber to Ethernet project requirements

Perle Media Converters

NASHVILLE, TN - November 9, 2010 — Perle Systems, a global provider of advanced fiber to Ethernet and secure device networking solutions, today expanded its line of Media Converters with the release of over 70 new Fiber to Ethernet models.

Whether it be Managed or Unmanaged, Standalone or Chassis based, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit, 10/100 or 10/100/1000, Perle already has an extensive line of Fiber to Ethernet Media Converters. But, to truly meet the claim of having the right product to meet the need of any fiber integration project, Perle Media Converters must be able to connect to any fiber and copper cable type and distance. The launch of 70 new models today, makes that claim a reality.

"Fiber optic infrastructure installations are expanding globally at an unprecedented rate”, said John Feeney, COO of Perle Systems. “Perle is committed to ensuring that our full-featured Media Converter line meets any and all fiber to Ethernet needs of our large customer base around the world.”

All Perle Media converters have an on-board microcontroller which deals with error detection and recovery. In addition, Perle Media Converters only use high-end components to ensure product reliability. Perle backs this up with a Lifetime Warranty to guarantee user satisfaction.

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About Perle Systems
Perle Systems is a leading developer, manufacturer and vendor of high-reliability and richly featured connectivity and device networking products. These products are used to connect remote users reliably and securely to central servers for a wide variety of business applications. Product lines include Console Servers for Data Center Management, Terminal Servers, Device Servers, Remote Power Switches, Media Converters, Ethernet I/O, Serial Cards, Parallel Cards and Multimodem Cards. Perle distinguishes itself through extensive networking technology, depth of experience in major real-world network environments and long-term distribution and VAR channel relationships in major world markets. Perle has offices in 9 countries in North America, Europe and Asia and sells its products through distribution and OEM/ODE channels worldwide.


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