RS232 to Ethernet

Perle’s family of RS232 to Ethernet converters (commonly referred to as Terminal Servers or Device Servers) are the best choice for transmitting serial data across an IP network. Offering flexibility, high performance and advanced RS232 to Ethernet converter technology, Perle IOLANs are ideal for applications and devices that require an efficient way of communicating with serial RS232 devices over an Ethernet network.

A wide selection of choices are available to completely address your RS232 to Ethernet project needs.

Compact RS232 to Ethernet Device Servers

  • 1, 2 and 4 RS232 port models
  • 10/100 Ethernet
  • DB9, RJ45 and DB25 connectors

RS232 Ethernet Device Server

1U Rack RS232 to Ethernet Terminal Servers

  • 4 to 48 serial RS232 ports in a 1U rack
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • RJ45 RS232 ports

RS232 Ethernet Terminal Server

A Complete RS232 to Ethernet Solution

Perle IOLAN converters offer a comprehensive set of RS232 serial to Ethernet solutions for your project and can match the communication specifications of your equipment such as the right RS232 connector match, compatible control signal, flow control, baud and data throughput performance.

RS232 Connectors

Perle RS232 to Ethernet converters come in various cable connector types to meet your cabling needs. Typically when the serial equipment is DTE (Data Terminal Equipment) based, a male DB9 or DB25 is the most common.

DB9 Connector

DB9 Connector

1 – DCD
2 – RD
3 – TD
4 – DTR
5 - GND

6 - DSR
7 - RTS
8 - CTS
9 - RI

DB25 Connector

DB25 Connector

1 – Shielded GND
2 – TD
3 – RD
4 – RTS
5 – CTS
7 – Sig GND
8 – DCD
9 –
10 –
11 –
12 –
13 –

14 –
15 –
16 –
17 –
18 –
19 –
20 – DTR
21 –
22 – RI
23 –
24 –
25 –

Because CAT5 is inexpensive and commonly available, some users prefer to use Ethernet ( straighthrough ) cabling for their serial equipment connections. Perle IOLAN RS232-Ethernet models with RJ45 connectors along with the appropriate DB9 or DB25 adapters make this possible. Click here for more cabling pinout details ».

RS232 flow control

Flow control on the IOLAN RS232 to Ethernet converter is accomplished through the use of software Xon/Xoff flow control, as well as hardware flow control with RTS and CTS signaling between DTE and DCE.

RS232 Control Signaling

As a DTE, the IOLAN presents DTR and RTS signals on its RS232 port(s). This is straightfoward when communicating directly with a modem or modem emulating DCE device. However, when connecting to another DTE device or when using RJ45 CAT5 cabling schemes, a crossover cable or converter is required. IOLAN cable accessories are available to assist with these connections.

Baud Rates

Asynchronous RS232 baud rates typically range from 50K baud to 230K baud with some devices operating at speeds as high as 500K baud. While most RS232 to Ethernet converters on the market offer a limited selection of baud rates for communicating, the Perle IOLAN supports the full typical baud rate range and also offers customizable baud rates for those RS232 devices that require unique baud rates. 

The TrueSerial® Difference

TrueSerial® is an innovative approach that delivers the most authentic RS232 connections across an Ethernet network.

Historically, serial RS232 based software applications and devices were implemented around a simple direct cable connection, however as companies begin replacing their direct serial cable connections with a modern Ethernet infrastructure using serial RS232 to Ethernet converter products, some will experience difficulties in making this networked connection behave as it did when directly connected. This can be attributed to the lack of raw processing power as well as how the data is handled across the network by the RS232-Ethernet converters.

  • Intelligent packet structuring and forwarding provides optimal control of how data is sent across an Ethernet network.
  • 2ms latency - With the most powerful processor available, IOLANs achieve the lowest latency in the market.
  • Intelligent optimization is performed based on data characteristics.
  • Fast session reconnect in the event of connection loss.
  • TruePort virtual COM port redirector included with all IOLANs, enables legacy serial / COM based applications to send and receive data COM/TTY based data directly across Ethernet. No software changes are required.
  • A powerful Virtual Modem capability that enables your dial-up application to connect to remote serial equipment across an Ethernet network. Perle’s Vmodem feature appears and behaves like a real modem to dial-up applications. No software changes required.
  • Easy data “tuning” controls including a built-in serial line trace capability makes configuration of complex and timing sensitive equipment easier to successfully connect RS232 to Ethernet.

For more details on Perle’s TrueSerial technology »