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IOLAN Serial Terminal Servers

To deliver worry free operation and minimize the costs associated with the downtime of mission critical applications, Perle offers an Express Replacement Service in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, & EU Member States for the following products:

  • Perle 1, 2 and 4 port IOLAN Terminal/Device/Console Servers
  • Perle 8, 16, 24 and 32 port IOLAN Terminal/Device/Console Servers
  • Perle IOLAN I/O Device Servers
  • Perle Remote Power Switch

For details please review Express Replacement Maintenance Contract:

Purchase a Maintenance Contract

Maintenance Agreements can be purchased from Perle Authorized Distributors. If you are an end-user and need assistance finding a VAR or Systems Integrator near you, contact your local Perle Sales Representative.

Contact the Perle Technical Assistance Centre

To request maintenance service with a valid maintenance contract, please contact your regional technical center as listed below.

Region * Contract Type Phone Number or Email
USA, Canada Express Replacement +1 905-946-5065
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UK, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden Express Replacement +44 1280 825540
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Germany, Austria, Netherlands Express Replacement +49 421 3677 199
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All other EU member countries Express Replacement +33 1 86 26 55 90
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* Please NOTE: a minimum $1,000 US surcharge will apply for each product requiring service not covered under a valid maintenance contract.


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