Provides authentic serial connections over Ethernet

TrueSerial® is an innovative approach that delivers the most authentic serial connection across an Ethernet network.

Historically, serial based software applications and devices were implemented around a simple direct cable connection. Designers developed character oriented protocols for these legacy systems that were completely suitable for this type of communication scheme.

However, as companies begin replacing their direct serial cable connections with a modern Ethernet infrastructure using serial RS232 to Ethernet converter products, some will experience difficulties in making this networked connection behave as it did when directly connected. This can be attributed to the lack of raw processing power as well as how the data is handled across the network by the serial to Ethernet converters.

Perle IOLAN Terminal Servers, with TrueSerial® technology, now provides a solution to this problem. Software applications and devices can now seamlessly communicate across a network as if a serial cable were still there.

The TrueSerial® Difference

  • Intelligent packet structuring and forwarding provides optimal control of how data is sent across an Ethernet network
  • 2ms latency - With the most powerful processor available, IOLANs achieve the lowest latency in the market
  • The use of IPv6 addressing across all operating systems
  • Intelligent optimization is performed based on data characteristics
  • Fast session reconnect in the event of connection loss
  • TruePort virtual COM port redirector included with all IOLANs, enables legacy serial / COM based applications to send and receive data COM/TTY based data directly across Ethernet. No software changes are required.
  • A powerful Virtual Modem capability that enables your dial-up application to connect to remote serial equipment across an Ethernet network. Perle’s Vmodem feature appears and behaves like a real modem to dial-up applications.No software changes required
  • The ability to pass serial control signaling information across TCP/IP or UDP/IP for secure transmission of information on SSH and SSL sessions
  • Easy data “tuning” controls including a built-in serial line trace capability makes configuration of complex and timing sensitive equipment easier to connect to Ethernet

IOLAN Device Plug-ins

Backed with the experience of connecting hundreds of thousands of different devices to Ethernet over the years, using a Perle IOLAN you can rest assured that virtually any device with a serial COM port will operate in conjunction with your desired application exactly as it did when you had it directly connected. If the unlikely event occurs that the Perle Device Server does not enable this out of the box, Perle will make it work. Request a free engineering consultation now.

Perle IOLAN Device Servers utilize customer installable “Device Plug-ins” to successfully network devices where other solutions have failed.

Perle provides new “Device Plug-ins” for its customers every day. If you have a device that you are struggling to attach to your network, contact Perle immediately. In the rare event that our out-of-box solutions do not meet your unique requirements, we will match you up with an existing Device Plug-in, or tailor one for you.

Device Plug-in Features

  • Perle maintains a growing library of Device Plug-ins or we can quickly tailor one for you – all at no charge
  • Customer installable Device Plug-ins are simple to download into a Perle IOLAN Device Server
  • Device Plug-ins are designed to match your specific device for complete compatibility
  • Device Plug-ins are fully supported on the firmware release under which they are delivered


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