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Ambient IoT

By Max Burkhalter
November 14, 2022

The Wiliot IoT Pixels and cloud platform is introducing the concept of ambient IoT to enable more sustainable, cost-efficient supply chains.

As reported by IoT Business, the semiconductor company aims to bring intelligence and internet connectivity to every single 'thing' in the global supply chain. Their lofty ambition would allow products to transmit item-level data regarding location and carbon footprint to provide real-time information that enables businesses to make decisions that impact sustainability initiatives.

This article will examine how this latest climate-tech initiative is helping shape the ambient IoT landscape, while reducing the carbon footprint of today's industrial supply chain.

What is Ambient IoT?

As defined by Wiliot, 'ambient' IoT takes its meaning from the definition of the word "existent or present on all sides: encompassing."

Expanding beyond the confines of connected computing and items of high value, the concept brings sensor-based intelligence to enhance the interaction of every item that could possibly benefit from this level of awareness.

Ambient IoT uses 3GPP IoT devices, smaller and cheaper technologies compared to previous generation hardware like Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT),  Long Term Evolution Machine Type (LTE-M) or RedCap. By harnessing the power of radio waves, ambient IoT devices can communicate across the communications spectrum in cost-effective ways.

Identified as one of the key enablers of cost-effective technologies that could redefine the way items are tracked, ambient IoT has sustainability implications that could pave the way for a greener supply chain.

Sustainable future, powered by Pixels

Stamp-sized Wiliot Pixels cost pennies to produce and offer a battery-free alternative to more expensive IoT tracking devices. Ambient (self-sufficient) computing technology allows these automated instruments to harvest radio waves that are always present in the atmosphere to connect to the internet.

Pixels can be attached to virtually any package or product imaginable, augmenting the traceability of goods and services for every facet of industry. From vegetables to vaccine vials to vacuum cleaners, the list of qualifiable shipped goods is limitless.

The implications for sustainability are equally impressive. Increased transparency into the shelf life of food goods would reduce waste due to rot or post-expiration shipping. Visibility into distribution routes and delivery navigation means less fuel consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions. And the real-time status update of stock quantities and shipped items streamlines efficiency and allows more productive work to be done within a warehouse's operating hours.

As the development of ambient IoT devices like the Wiliot Pixel increase, the possibilities of a more sustainable supply chain grow accordingly. The 'green IoT' supports innovations and inventions that address societal challenges, such as the presence of pollutants and emissions across the supply chain.

Continued deployment of these sustainable technologies comes purpose-built with the ability to monitor their effects upon the environment. In addition to revenue-generating possibilities, the true benefit of inventions like the Wiliot Pixel comes from the ability to track how it reduces the carbon footprint across the supply chain in real-time. Thanks to IoT connectivity, these devices can transmit data to online dashboards that track the environmental benefits associated with their use.

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