Industrial Automation

Acquiring, integrating and sharing information quickly and securely over a network or the Internet is critical to advancing the Industrial Automation process. It's the key to increasing productivity, improving customer service, ensuring employee safety, controlling inventory, and cutting operating costs. The ability to connect your equipment to central controlling applications or a remote operator via a browser, in real time, provides an important component to a cost effective solution in numerous industrial environments.

  • Manufacturing Automation
    Make factories run more efficiently by using Perle device connectivity hardware to control, diagnosis, repair, and communicate with equipment such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), CNC’s, robots, process control equipment, temperature monitoring systems, barcode scanners, scales and mixing stations.

Industrial Automation

  • Building Automation
    Improve building safety and reduce energy costs by using Perle device connectivity hardware to control and remotely manage security systems, HVAC, lighting, elevators, fire systems, utility meters and building access over a single building management network.

  • Agricultural Automation
    Cut cost by remotely controlling and monitoring heavy agriculture machinery, water conservation systems and tanks of liquids, solids or gases.

  • Process Automation
    Connect virtually any type of automation device to a corporate network or the Internet. With Perle, any SCADA system including PLCs, RTUs, OPC devices, HMIs, traffic controllers, environmental sensors, parking automation devices, relays, switches and valves that utilize digital (discrete) I/O, analog I/O, pulse I/O or serial interfaces can all have secure access and control using today’s most advanced networking technologies.