Industrial Automation

Acquiring, integrating and sharing information quickly and securely over a network or the Internet is critical to advancing the Industrial Automation process. It's the key to increasing productivity, improving customer service, ensuring employee safety, controlling inventory, and cutting operating costs. The ability to connect your equipment to central controlling applications or a remote operator via a browser, in real time, provides an important component to a cost effective solution in numerous industrial environments.

  • Manufacturing Automation
    Make factories run more efficiently by using Perle device connectivity hardware to control, diagnosis, repair, and communicate with equipment such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), CNC’s, robots, process control equipment, temperature monitoring systems, barcode scanners, scales and mixing stations.

Industrial Automation

  • Building Automation
    Improve building safety and reduce energy costs by using Perle device connectivity hardware to control and remotely manage security systems, HVAC, lighting, elevators, fire systems, utility meters and building access over a single building management network.

  • Agricultural Automation
    Cut cost by remotely controlling and monitoring heavy agriculture machinery, water conservation systems and tanks of liquids, solids or gases.

  • Process Automation
    Connect virtually any type of automation device to a corporate network or the Internet. With Perle, any SCADA system including PLCs, RTUs, OPC devices, HMIs, traffic controllers, environmental sensors, parking automation devices, relays, switches and valves that utilize digital (discrete) I/O, analog I/O, pulse I/O or serial interfaces can all have secure access and control using today’s most advanced networking technologies.

CBK logo

CBK Engineering use Perle I/O Device Servers & Ethernet Switches to Develop Plug & Play Remote Alarm Multiplexers

In case of a power outage, UPS kicks-in providing back-up power to the Rockefeller Center, Two World Financial Center and the Pepsi Building

Jorin logo

Jorin chooses Perle Fiber Media Converters to Reduce Oil Pollution in the Water Supply

To monitor water pollution produced during industrial production processes Jorin uses Perle Media Converters to transmit Gigabit IP Camera images over fiber in high temperature environments.

Raven Industries logo

Raven Industries Choose Perle Device Servers for integration into Slingshot®

Perle IOLAN STS4 Device Servers provide RS232 connectivity to on-board hardware and transmission of GPS data in real-time. This optimizes hydraulic-assisted steering of tractors and reduces product loss during harvest.

Pangeo Subsea Logo

PanGeo Subsea integrates Perle IOLAN Device Servers into Sub-Bottom ImagerTM (SBI).

Geo-hazard and seafloor debris data gathered by the SBI on the ocean floor is transmitted to the surface for pipeline route assessment via Perle Serial to Ethernet Device Servers.

Tesla Logo

A large US Auto manufacturer integrates existing 100Base-FX fiber based devices into new Gigabit backbone

Tesla Motors use Perle Media Converters to integrate an existing 100Base-FX door entry security system into a new copper Gigabit network without replacing the door reader devices or compromising security.

Wood Group Logo

Wood Group uses Terminal Server technology to interface with SCADA system for oil flow control

Perle IOLAN Device Servers provide a Modbus communications gateway between the RS485 serial network of the Variable Speed Drives and the SCADA Ethernet based network. This enables onshore and offshore personnel to monitor and control the output of pumps on oil production platforms.

Avery Weigh-Tronix Logo

Avery Weigh-tronix chose Perle to help give their customers reliable information.

Perle Serial Cards connect weighing equipment to central data management system. This enables multiple weighing stations to be monitored from a central control room for a smoother flow of operation that saves time and money.

Subsea 7 logo

Subsea 7 uses Perle Terminal Servers to provide precise GPS positioning information

Perle IOLAN Terminal Servers collect raw data from GPS receivers and transmit corrected data to a remote network communications center where it is converted from IP to serial.

Muir Matheson logo

Muir Matheson enhances accurate weather reporting system with Perle Serial Cards

Every major UK airport uses Perle serial cards to transmit RS485 serial data to a central processing system, making accurate and real-time weather data available to air traffic control and pilots.

Funkwerk logo

Funktel partners with Perle to provide reliable radio based security

Perle Serial Cards connect "classified" security devices to a main server.

Leading supplier standardizes its radiation monitoring protection systems

Perle IOLAN Terminal Servers transmit air quality, personnel exposure, temperature and humidity data gathered by a radiation safety monitoring system to a central location to ensure worker safety.

Elonex Logo

Elonex centralizes management systems to control commercial and manufacturing operations

Perle Serial Card integrate 100's of remotely located production and management systems for up-to-the minute business information

Monaco Modernizes Public Parking Infrastructure From Leased Line to Ethernet

IOLAN Device Servers ensure network access of remote parking gates

Auto-Soft Automation Software Systems automates a new semi-conductor fabrication plant for a Korean manufacturer

Perle Serial Cards connect process controllers handling robotic equipment and bar code readers to the stock management system

Nasantara Aircraft Industry upgrades the factory floor

Perle Terminal Servers supply Numerical Control (NC) files to Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines on the shop floor of an extensive manufacturing plant.

Fortune 500 Automotive Company Chooses Perle Device Server To Increase Efficiency On The Shop Floor

Perle IOLAN Device Servers network enable multiple CNC machines on the plant floor. Centralized network access to the machines decrease human error and increase manufacturing efficiency.