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Businesses cannot lose focus on IPv6

By Donna Donnowitz
December 6, 2011
Service providers and other businesses worked hard to adjust to the impending migration to IPv6 during 2011, but for many, the journey has only just begun. As a result, organizations need to make sure they maintain their focus on IPv6 into 2012 and do not let their current momentum slip away, FierceTelecom reported.

The news source explained that early predictions from industry expert Tim DeLong pointed to a timeline that would see many users deploying native IPv6 for day-to-day internet use before the end of 2011. The problem was that the industry was not nearly ready to handle IPv6 users. Now, the report said, industry efforts have created an environment where more service providers are ready to transmit IPv6 and a growing number of businesses are converting their customer-facing content to accept incoming IPv6 traffic.

These strides are critical, the report said, because internet performance will take a significant performance hit if organizations are not quick enough to make the transition to IPv6. As a result, businesses and service providers cannot rest with the progress they made in 2011 and need to continue working toward full IPv6 migration in 2012.

As the move toward IPv6 continues into a new year, opportunities for businesses using IPv6-enabled technology are become more prevalent. For example, the report said the number of service providers that are offering IPv6-enabled hosting and application delivery to clients has increased substantially. As the year progresses, more organizations need to take greater strides toward IPv6 in their own IT environments so they can leverage the advanced performance capabilities and security improvements offered by IPv6 services.

The problem in all of this is that switching to IPv6 is a long and expensive process. Because of this, many organizations may still try to hold off on switching to the new protocol, even though the necessity is becoming clearer. Furthermore, the news source said that many internet service providers are still behind in IPv6 migration and have long roads ahead of them to shift to the new protocol.

The significant amount of IPv6 progress that took place during 2011 has created an environment in which the protocol has officially evolved beyond the realm of IT theory and is now being put in practice, especially in the public sector. According to a recent Government Computing News report, there is still some room left for government and private organizations to stall on IPv6 deployment, but the protocol has solidified a long-term role in the enterprise.

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