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Flash memory gains popularity across the nation's data centers

By Donna Donnowitz
August 7, 2014

The tech industry has long recognized flash memory as an optimum solution to the Input/Output bottleneck effect. Average flash memory applications can handle over 3000 I/O operations per second, compared to physical storage drives. Conventional drives can only handle up to 200 I/O operations per second before users begin to experience problems with latency. However, flash memory's hefty price tag has historically prevented the technology from taking off. New applications of flash memory are bound to push the storage solution into the mainstream.

Hybrid systems lure government agencies
GCN reports that many government agencies have adopted hybrid solutions to take advantage of the benefits of flash memory. Flash memory is being used in tandem with physical storage devices. High demand applications are accessed through Flash memory while disk drives are used to archive data.

Leveraging both flash and physical storage is also a smart solution because latency problems come in waves. The robust I/O capacity of flash memory is vital when an entire network of virtual machines attempts to access the same system update at once. Traditional drives would provide sufficient memory throughout the rest of the day. Hybrid applications provide government agencies with much-needed flexibility and maximize the potential of existing serial to Ethernet solutions.

Summit reflects flash memory's growth
The annual Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, California provides tech companies with an opportunity to show off their latest and greatest advances in flash memory. The event also serves as a measuring stick for flash memory's acceptance and utilization in the industry. More than 5,000 industry representatives attended the 2014 summit that took place in early August, according to Forbes.

Keynote speakers from across the industry weighed in on the next direction for flash memory. Attendees heard presentations from 12 speakers including NetApp's Ty McConney, Fusion-io's Steve Wozniak and Alibaba's Wu Peng. Topics included new developments in flash memory technology and predictions about how flash memory can impact users' day-to-day life.

Those who visit the summit also have the chance to see exciting technical demonstrations of cutting-edge technology. For example, HGST stole the show at the 2014 summit by unveiling a record-breaking solid state drive capable of delivering three million I/O operations per second, says Forbes. Demos like these send ripples throughout the industry and can influence the industry's direction for years to come.

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