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IPv6 gaining leverage on the internet

By Donna Donnowitz
November 23, 2011
While the vast majority of websites are still only accessible using IPv4, the number of sites that can be visited with IPv6 enabled has grown substantially, according to a recent Measurement Factory study.

During the year leading up through October 2011, the number of .com, .net and .org subdomains capable of accepting users operating on IPv6 rose substantially. An automated analysis of subdomains by the Measurement Factory found the number of IPv6-enabled websites rose approximately 1,900 percent during the year, the IDG News Service reported.

According to the news source, this significant rise in websites that can accept incoming requests from IPv6-enabled devices is a good sign for the protocol's future, but it does not mean that the internet is ready for IPv6 to be deployed at a large scale.

Instead, the report said the study's findings only indicate websites that can accept an incoming IPv6 request, not sites that are ready for pure IPv6 communication. Moving to this level of accepting the protocol will be key to the intenet's development and essential to ensuring that the web will be ready for the consumers and businesses around the world that will soon be deploying native IPv6 devices.

Much of the IPv6 growth can be attributed to a single service provider. To explain this, the report points to the Measurement Factory's analysis of GoDaddy. The company is responsible for the vast majority of the IPv6-enabled subdomains, as growth would have doubled without GoDaddy instead of expanding by 1,900 percent.

However, the report said many of the websites capable of handling incoming IPv6 transmissions, whether with GoDaddy or another service, are still not ready to actually display web content to end users. They can only recognize the domain name service lookup, the report said. This problem occurs because the sites themselves are ready for IPv6, but the web servers they are hosted on are not, making it impossible to display content.

While IPv6 traffic is growing fast, it is still a relatively small percentage of overall network transmissions. This could change if more major web companies switch IPv6 on permanently. According to a recent CircleID report, the success of last June's World IPv6 Day is creating serious discussion about a follow-up World IPv6 Week this upcoming June. The news source said that World IPv6 Week could motivate many companies to turn IPv6 on permanently, creating meteoric growth for the protocol.

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