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Next-generation data centers are on the horizon

By Max Burkhalter
July 31, 2014

Many industries have adopted the use of data centers or built their own. Companies are constantly searching for new data center solutions as their information needs outpace their storage capacity. New trends in data storage, especially those that reduce energy use, are sure to appeal to firms managing gargantuan networks of information.

Alternative energy sources
Today's super-sized data centers consume millions of watts of energy to power hundreds of thousands of racks. One of the most exciting new trends in data centers is the application of alternative fuels. Datacenter Dynamics reports that the data centers of tomorrow will run on solar, natural gas, wind and nuclear energy. Companies with large data storage needs may even begin to develop their own internal power supplies.

Faster data speeds
The most obvious response to the challenge of overwhelming data is to improve data speeds. This fact has driven innovation toward more efficient methods of sending information. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed a "no-wait" system that reduces transfer times by over 99 percent, according to the institution's news page. The system utilizes decentralized communication protocols to direct data straight to its final location.

Widespread DCIM applications
Greater adoption of data center infrastructure management software is around the corner. Over 70 percent of data centers will integrate some form of DCIM by 2025, says Datacenter Dynamics. DCIM software has become increasingly important as data centers grow in capacity and become more complex. Intuitive DCIM also offerthe advantage of supporting system integration through device servers and terminal servers.

Self-healing computer systems
Datacenter Dynamics also notes that experts expect over 40 percent of data centers to be self-healing over the next decade. Self-healing data centers are able to intuitively recognize internal issues and resolve them without human oversight. This capability will greatly reduce IT costs and minimize repetitive system maintenance.

Natural cooling sources
Manufacturer Dell points out that many companies are experimenting with new methods of temperature control. For example, Google recently acquired a patent to design an ocean-based data center. The floating server will be powered by the movement of the waves and kept cool by seawater. Other companies have invested in ambient cooling technology by building data centers in locations with a frosty climate.

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