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The IoT brings convenience and accuracy to meteorology

By Max Burkhalter
March 12, 2020

Predicting the weather has never been easy - even as technology advanced and methods for anticipating meteorological trends became more accessible, mother nature remained somewhat inscrutable. Modern weather forecasting is an inexact science, one that still has room for constant improvement. According to TechRepublic, with the internet of things, these predictions become easier and more accurate not only for your local news station but for any number of parties that rely on weather data to conduct their operations.

IoT weather sensors

By its nature, the IoT is a network of connected devices sharing information with each other. Its often discussed in the context of consumer devices, like phones, computers or smart home devices. But in fact, the commercial and industrial uses of the technology are even more profound. The capabilities of weather forecasting technologies can be bolstered with IoT-enabled devices. Weather sensors connect with each other to share important data that can be used to adjust metrics and make the gathering of information more accurate. Furthermore, these sensors are also connected to various destinations that might need insight into meteorological trends. These include news stations, airliners, logistics companies, event companies and many others.

These sensors can take many different forms. Equipment can be mounted on vehicles to expand the range of the devices and collect data for localized weather patterns. Cars and drones alike can be used in this regard. Other sensors are stationary and monitor meteorological trends in a certain set area. Whatever the case, these devices can monitor live changes in weather trends, and this data is then collated between all the disparate sensors and fed to parties that need it. Thanks to the IoT, weather sensors make forecasting more accurate and more efficient.

The IoT can be used to get real-time insight and visibility into weather patterns.The IoT can be used to collect real-time insight and visibility into weather patterns.

Using meteorological IoT data

The common wisdom is that modern weather forecasting, while helpful, can leave a lot to be desired. The IoT brings with it the ability to completely reject this paradigm and build meteorological platforms that can accurately predict how the environment can change over small timescales. This newfound predictability can be used to inform and benefit many different industries that can make use of accurate weather forecasts in the planning of their operations, according to The Weather Company.

There are many different organizations that can make use of this data. Firefighters and rescue workers can use the IoT to stay abreast of upcoming weather developments and adjust their strategies accordingly. Similarly, even planning businesses can see benefits from IoT weather forecasting - by having accurate insights into future meteorological activity, adjustments to schedules and agendas can be made in advance of rain, wind or snow. Shipping companies too can use this data to plan their routes around impending weather conditions. All of these organizations see increased efficiency from the IoT's weather-predicting capabilities.

Even your local TV station can benefit from a strong IoT infrastructure. Meteorologists can compile strong forecasts that make use of the most accurate information at their disposal, all thanks to the IoT. Sensors can pick up even the most minute or insignificant details, such as small changes in wind or air pressure. With the interconnectivity of all these devices, weather forecasting software sees these updates practically in real-time. The traditional method of dedicated weather-predictive infrastructure is certainly useful, but it doesn't have the quick information sharing that the IoT does. Instead of weathermen presenting forecasts that are based on metrics from an hour ago, with the IoT, they get to show their viewers the most up-to-date weather information they can get their hands on.

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