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Top tech innovations from CES 2020

By Max Burkhalter
January 27, 2020

Every year, the Consumer Technology Association invites large corporations, startup companies and IT experts to display their breakthrough innovations at a four-day convention, known as the Consumer Electronics Show. The event acts as a proving ground for all types of inventions and proof-of-concept pilots, offering the general public a peek at next-generation technologies that are still under development or about to be released. Now that CES 2020 has officially wrapped up, we wanted to spotlight some of the most memorable breakthroughs announced at this year's event.

Here are the top four innovations from CES 2020:

1. Samsung's Bot Chef
One of the most sensational inventions on display was Samsung's newest artificial intelligence prototype, the Bot Chef. The device features two large robotic arms that can be installed in most modern kitchens and can prepare 35 different salad recipes without any human intervention. The Bot Chef can also chop vegetables, whisk together ingredients, rummage through kitchen cabinets and even clean. Based on the latest advancements in AI, voice recognition and computer vision algorithms, users are able to interact with the Bot Chef using simple voice commands or through a mobile app.

2. Bosch's Virtual Visor
This handy appliance is designed to replace conventional sun visors in vehicles by using AI to track the exact position of a driver's eyes and darken a small part of the car's windshield to ensure drivers are not blinded by the sun. The visor uses a transparent LCD display which is connected to the vehicle's interior monitoring system, allowing it to send real-time alerts in passive 3D. Bosch believes this visual information will help users drive more safely, even in the harshest weather conditions. The company is also developing other monitoring applications, including one that detects if a driver is drowsy.

Factories pour out pollutionWearable air filters may help reduce occupational hazards and lung-related illnesses.

3. A Air's Wearable Air Purifier
This wearable air purifier offers maximum filtration without needing a solid seal, according to the manufacturer, A Air, and features a memorable futuristic design. The device works by pulling air through an advanced nanofiltration system and uses small fans to create an area of clean air at the front, providing performance 50 times better than conventional purifiers. What's more, each model is equipped with a "Bluetooth brain" that is able to track respiratory activity in real-time and make adjustments to the purification process to ensure users are protected from sudden changes in air quality.

4. Hydraloop's Water Recycler
To help simplify water conservation, Hydraloop developed a new piece of smart home technology that can filter and purify "grey water" from a variety of fixtures, including bathtubs, showers, washing machines and more. The large appliance employs a series of maintenance-free filtration techniques and is able to recycle up to 85% of the water used in a home. Once purified, the water can be re-used in toilets and irrigation systems. Homeowners can also track their water usage and recycling efforts in real-time, which may help promote sustainable long-term habits.

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