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Why Roadway Smart Work Zones need Industrial Cellular Routers

By Julie McDaniel
Vice President Marketing

September 27, 2023

Every construction site requires a qualified team, modern equipment, and internet connectivity for communication, data transmission, and project management. Being connected is just as crucial as having the proper tools. However, roadway smart work zones have a unique challenge - they are temporary and located where it isn't easy to secure a wired connection.

In this project-based industry, easily transferring assets like vehicles, equipment, and tools to new locations is critical. However, finding a standardized method for securing on-site internet can be challenging due to varying connectivity options in different areas. Project sites need reliable connectivity and cannot risk using insecure methods like public Wi-Fi or smartphone hotspots. In recent years, more roadway job sites have turned to cellular options specifically designed for the industry that provide the necessary high-speed connection while taking into consideration the additional demands of an active construction site.

Industrial cellular routers for fast, secure, and reliable connectivity

Efficient traffic management in road construction zones can only exist when on-site equipment and devices have a dependable means of communication between each other and a central processing system. Data must be transmitted to portable changeable message signs (PCMS) to display traffic conditions, travel times, incident information, and driver advisory messages. In addition, exchanging video and data collected from cameras and sensors in real-time with a central processing location demands a lot of bandwidth. In this environment, a stable, reliable connection with low latency is a must, which industrial cellular routers help deliver. They allow the remote network to connect to a VPN quickly and securely. And the IoT-connected equipment can provide the data insights necessary to keep the site running safely and efficiently.

Industrial cellular routers provide fast, secure, and reliable connectivity over an LTE or 5G data plan. Their robust enclosures prevent water and dust from entering the device and affecting performance. They are also built to withstand the heavy vibrations and shocks from roadway traffic and machinery within the construction zone. And their ability to operate in temperatures as cold as -40 degrees to as hot as 70°C (158°F) means that they will work any time of year in any geographic location. All these features guarantee reliable communication between on-site equipment and devices and multiple off-site locations.

An industrial cellular router connects roadside digital signage, surveillance cameras and detection equipment with a central processing location via a cell tower.

How roadway smart work zones benefit from industrial routers

In time-sensitive setups, on-demand LTE or 5G access can be ready instantly. It is easy to set up flexible, secure WAN connectivity and cast Wi-Fi on the spot through cellular edge routers without sending IT professionals on-site. Making job site communications available before work starts can prevent costly interruption and delays.

Cellular-enabled industrial routers help standardize connectivity costs across the city, county, state, or country by relying on one or two network operators instead of a different wired ISP in every location. Ensuring predictable costs, regardless of the site, helps with budget management.

An enterprise-grade cellular router can also centrally control security and protect all data types through a firewall, easy VPN setup, and content filtering to ensure reliable communication. Tracking construction project assets is complicated at the best of times, let alone when fractured communications leave job sites in the dark. Project managers need to access work files to monitor progress and changes to plans. Construction sites need to be able to connect to enterprise resource planning software.

Finally, IT hardware for roadway smart work zones must be rugged and function as expected under often challenging job site conditions. Perle prioritizes that its industrial cellular routers adhere to the most demanding standards, obtaining the requisite certifications to guarantee performance, durability, security, and reliability no matter where your workers need a connection.

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