Deciphering the Hype & Integrating 5G Wireless Network Connectivity

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5G is on course to supercharge the Internet of Things (IoT) by unlocking a new crop of connected devices. Leveraging the full potential of 5G requires companies to address compatibility and accessibility issues in their network.

With over four decades of experience, Perle Systems delivers reliable, full-featured, and competitively priced device networking, media conversion, and IoT connectivity hardware. Perle products, which include 5G and LTE Routers, Secure Console Servers with LTE for out-of-band management, Media Converters, and Industrial Switches, establish connectivity across multiple locations, securely transmit critical information, or remotely monitor and control IT equipment.

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The technology in the market is complex. When customers want to upgrade to 5G, the integration is not as straightforward as industry hype suggests. There is a lot of confusion about speeds, availability on carrier networks, and technology capabilities. We help our customers decipher expectations versus reality, says Alex Pirvulescu, Director of Product Management at Perle Systems. Perle’s aim is to make it easy for users to configure and deploy products without becoming experts in the technology.

Products and services associated with 5G come with a high price tag and an expectation of superior speeds and functionality. However, the peak upload and download speeds on the carrier networks are currently slower than what people anticipate. This will change over time. As a manufacturer of connectivity hardware that integrates with 5G, Perle products already support the maximum performance expectations, ensuring these products will not bottleneck data transmissions in the future.

Alex Pirvulescu

Businesses approach Perle because they want to create and expand secure and reliable IT infrastructures designed for continuous improvement. A current trend is replacing old ISDN, E1/T1, and phone lines with wireless technology. A key component of Perle's hardware is to make that switch as seamless and as smooth as possible.

As a pioneer in 5G integration, Perle engages with clients to understand the business problem they need to solve. They educate customers on technology capabilities and develop products that address a broad spectrum of challenges.

Perle owns all the IP for its hardware and software, giving it the ability to make changes as required. The company can modify its existing products with software upgrades or develop products from scratch without depending on a third party. This results in hardware with a strong feature set that is easy to deploy and gets to market faster.

In addition, Perle does not burden its customers with subscription fees or license agreements. Products come fully loaded with all features giving customers the flexibility to use as many as they wish to address their growing requirements. Perle provides free software upgrades and access to live technical support for the lifetime of the product.

Powered by a team that combines youthful energy with experience, Perle prides itself on retaining some employees for over 35 years. At the same time, they hire university graduates to bring new ideas. This mix is something that keeps us on the leading edge of technology and development, says Pirvulescu.

Focused on innovation and quality, Perle continues to grow through extensive R&D. By educating its customers on the advantages of evolving technologies and removing barriers to their adoption, the company plans to deliver products that meet the ever-changing requirements while future-proofing their investment.


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