January 25, 2008

Perle Systems IOLAN New Release Features a Built-in IPSec VPN Gateway feature

Perle releases Version 3.4 for the IOLAN Servers with an IPSec VPN Gateway feature, advanced security support and enhanced port buffering

NASHVILLE, TN - January 25, 2008 — Perle announced today the release of IPSec VPN for their popular IOLAN line of Console and Terminal Servers.

IOLANs can participate within the IPSec VPN, which provides robust authentication and encryption of IP packets at the network layer of the OSI model. This simplifies deployments connecting to critical assets that use serial communications and is ideal for multi-vendor interoperation.

Al Davies, Director of Product Management says,” The complete family of IOLANs already provides the most advanced serial to Ethernet solutions available and now with this V3.4 we have added even more features, most notably the built-in IPSec VPN Gateway Feature. This allows our users to participate within an IPSec VPN infrastructure, which is recognized as the most secure method for communicating to remote private networks over the Internet. This feature complements our already superior security offerings while subsequently widening the arena for IOLAN user participation.”

With OEM vendors and at the Enterprise level there is often the need to communicate to remote serial ports securely, across unsecured networks such as the Internet, using encrypted tunnels such as IPSec. This may be to serial tunnel between serial equipment and applications or for administrators and technical support staff to manage equipment via console ports for problem resolution or configuration changes. The Perle IOLAN product line is leading the way with this new ability to communicate within the IPSec standard. The IOLAN provides a full implementation of IPSec. Included among these specifications are IPSec for both IPv4 and IPv6, IPSec Tunnel and Transport modes and NAT-T: NAT Traversal support to connect to Network Address Translation (NAT) networks.

Mr. Davies adds, “We are providing flexibility and the ability to match the right solution to a particular application. Once again we have listened to our customers, and added features that they asked for with the IPSec VPN.”

Perle Systems' Serial to Ethernet, Serial to Server and Network Connectivity solutions guarantee customers full-featured, secure and reliable products that are fully supported for smooth integration into a wide variety of applications, solutions and environments.

Perle's IOLAN range of Console Servers and Terminal Servers feature built-in support for IPv6 along with the broadest range of authentication methods and encryption technologies. IOLANs provide advanced serial to Ethernet technology for the best investment choice from simple to ultra secure serial to Ethernet connectivity. Click here for complete information on the IOLAN Version 3.4 release including application examples with technical notes and specifications.

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