Fiber to Ethernet Media Converters

Unmanaged Fiber to Copper Conversion

Perle’s Stand-alone Media Converters (Managed or Unmanaged) bridge the gap between copper and fiber infrastructures. These robust and feature rich products are designed to be used in low to mid-density applications where a limited number of Ethernet to fiber converters need to be quickly implemented.  Perle has an extensive range of Media Converters to meet every fiber conversion need.

  • Extend network distances up to 160km
  • Multimode and single mode fiber
  • SC, LC and ST fiber connectors
  • Advanced Features: Link Pass-Through, Far-End Fault, Auto-MDIX and Loopback
  • SFP Media Converters with pluggable fiber optic ports for use with MSA compliant SFPs.
  • PoE Media Converters provide PoE PSE power injection over UTP Ethernet
  • Industrial Temperature Media Converters for equipment in -40C to +75C operating temperatures

To choose the best Perle Fiber Media Converter for your project, select the network topology you require.

Ethernet To Fiber

Learn about the benefits of using a fiber to ethernet converter and why some products on the market are not created equal. Find out how to select the best fiber to ethernet media converter for your next fiber project.

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