Data center management trends for 2022

Here are six predictions for data center management in 2022.

By Max Burkhalter
January 31, 2022
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Since the pandemic began around two years ago, IT teams and data centers have had to adapt to significant changes as the need for cloud technology and connecting dispersed workforces rises. Last year, the focus for everyone was on determining what the new normal looked like and rebounding from the setbacks of 2020 when infrastructure spending dropped by 10% due to restricted cash flows, per Gartner. As organizations settle into their new cloud models and hybrid IT strategies, this year will be about improving the relationship between data centers and businesses. Organizations are now focusing on their digital transformation efforts to increase IT infrastructure resiliency and enhance networking strategies. But what lies ahead for the data center industry in 2022?

In recent years, environmental concerns have become a top priority for consumers and organizations alike. The data center industry is no different, with massive corporations setting new sustainability standards. For instance, in 2020, Microsoft announced an aggressive initiative to become carbon negative by 2030. Technological advancements in fuel cells, battery energy storage systems and renewable assets will also play a pivotal role in data center sustainability for 2022.

Energy efficiency
The public and regulatory pressure on data centers to minimize environmental impact will also improve the industry's energy efficiency. Many organizations already utilize AI-powered software to collect data on power and cooling systems and optimize their performance. In 2022, this practice will become more common as environmental concerns grow and AI becomes more widely available.

Data center outages
In addition to an organization's bottom line and its commitment to environmentally friendly practices, maintaining efficient energy usage can also prevent power outages. According to Uptime Institute, 69% of data centers experienced at least one outage in the last three years, down from 78% in 2020. While this number is still high, continued investment and advancements in automation and management tools will further reduce outage incidents in 2022.

Edge computing
The demand for high availability, low latency networks is greater than ever as more consumers engage with digital content services and IoT devices flood the market. To deal with this influx and create a better customer experience, organizations are turning to data centers. Smaller, more decentralized data centers can expand edge computing capabilities and increase IT flexibility by creating a versatile network that maximizes performance while keeping data close to end-users.

According to the ITRC, 2021 broke the record for the number of data breaches in a single year by 23%. Unfortunately, this dramatic rise in cybercrime seems to be the beginning of a trend for the coming years. As organizations continue to expand their remote and hybrid IT solutions, they must prioritize cybersecurity to protect their sensitive data. Machine learning will be a critical tool in this regard, forming the first line of defense by quickly identifying and responding to potential attacks.

As data centers scale up their operations, managing the total volume of hardware and software will become infeasible for human staff. Automation will play a pivotal role in streamlining these workflows and optimizing data center efficiencies. Many facilities have already implemented automation in some capacity, with companies like AOL developing completely automated data centers years ago. While these data centers are small, larger, building-sized facilities can automate processes through the use of robotic assistants.

Preparing data centers for 2022
Running an effective data center was a challenge even before the shift to remote work. However, Perle is here to help your organization boost its IT infrastructure. Read our data center management customer success stories to learn more.


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