April 10, 2008

Perle Systems Brings Serial Connectivity to Second University of Victoria Underwater Project

Scientists collect and share real-time data from the ocean floor using IOLAN SDS.

NASHVILLE, TN—April 10, 2008 — Perle Systems, the global developer and manufacturer of high performance serial to Ethernet connectivity solutions today announced its involvement in another underwater scientific project with the University of Victoria. This is the second scientific project for Perle Systems with this renowned University. For approximately two years Perle has been involved with the Victoria Experimental Network Under the Sea (VENUS) project located in Saanich Inlet off Vancouver Island. VENUS is the world’s most advanced seafloor observatory. This leading edge research initiative involves using the Perle IOLAN Secure Device Servers with existing network technology in a non-traditional environment to transmit data streams from oceanographic instruments located on the ocean floor. Operating 24 hours a day for approximately 20 years, VENUS will support studies on long-term ocean change such as tides, currents and ocean mixing; fish and marine mammal movements; seismic activity; seafloor community ecology and more.

Perle is now providing IOLAN Secure Device Servers to a second project, The Ocean Technology Test Bed (OTTB), which is an engineering laboratory also located on the sea floor. The OTTB will be integrated with the VENUS project by providing support for the engineering effort which is required to keep VENUS on the cutting edge of technology and to allow them to continue to supply the scientists with new and more complete data sets.

Julie McDaniel, Vice President Marketing, Perle Systems comments, “Perle is very proud to be involved with the University of Victoria and in particular with such ground breaking scientific projects. The Perle IOLAN SDS has brought IP connectivity to the ocean floor and allowed real-time data acquisition between scientists for the first time in history.” She continues,” We understand and meet the stringent level of reliability required for a project of this magnitude such as the VENUS project and this, along with Perle’s SDK, makes the IOLAN SDS ideal for the OTTB also. It too is a project requiring advanced technology and dependability. We provide a tried and true solution.”

Residing in 100m of water, the OTTB provides a 3-D arena in which underwater engineering research occurs. Inside of the arena, the OTTB will provide power and communication to static instruments and precision tracking for research on dynamic systems, such as underwater vehicles. This facility will provide the tools that outside researchers need to assist in the development of new underwater technologies such as new sensors systems, underwater vehicles, underwater docking, guidance, navigation and control algorithms and many others. The University of Victoria’s acclaimed underwater projects have been the focus of extensive publicity from both the scientific community and the entertainment world. For more information visit http://web.uvic.ca/lacir/ocean/ottb.php and http://www.venus.uvic.ca/

Perle IOLAN Device Servers enable users to easily connect any equipment with an RS232, RS422 or RS485 serial port to the Ethernet For more information on the IOLAN SDS click here.

Perle’s Application Software Development Kit (SDK) allows the user to develop powerful custom applications that solve a host of unique connectivity challenges and also gives users greater control over data input and output and data transfers to and from the network. For more information on the Perle SDK click here.

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