March 17, 2008

Perle Systems Expands Line of Console Servers for Sun/Cisco Equipment

Perle releases additional models of the IOLAN Secure Console Server with Sun/Cisco compatible RJ45 pin-outs.

NASHVILLE, TN—March 17, 2008 — Perle is pleased to announce the release of nine new IOLAN Console Servers with Sun/Cisco compatible RJ45 pin-outs offering direct connection to Sun/Cisco RJ45 consoles.

Many large data centers and remote branches have standardized on using “rolled” CAT 5 cables for connecting serial consoles to other equipment. Rolled CAT 5 cables allow direct attachment between Sun/Cisco DTE devices with RJ45 pin-outs with other RJ45 DTE devices such as console servers. These cables have been adopted by data centers because they are easy to make and are readily available from 3rd party cable manufacturers. The new IOLAN SCS8C, IOLAN SCS16C and the IOLAN SCS32C are ideal in these environments with large quantities of Sun/Cisco equipment and where the use of the rolled CAT 5 cable is standard.

“Following the success of the IOLAN SCS48C launch a few months ago and our customers’ rapid adoption rate it was clear to us that the demand for additional models was significant and this release would be imminent.” says Julie McDaniel, Vice President Marketing, at Perle Systems. “Perle has always been recognized as a company that works closely with our customers and the expansion of this line, with direct connection to Sun/Cisco equipment is a reflection of these relationships. With our products already in many of the world’s largest data centers, our broad customer base will benefit from an unprecedented level of readiness and ease of use.” she continues.

The new IOLAN models are available through the Perle distributor channel and the Perle eStore and are offered at the same price as the existing IOLAN 8, 16 and 32 port IOLAN SCS. Models are also available with Dual AC and 48 DVC power options.

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