10G Ethernet Media Converters

Managed and Unmanaged

Perle 10GbE Media Converters transparently connect 10 Gigabit Ethernet links over multimode or single mode fiber. Each 10G Media Converter comes with pluggable transceiver ports that support fiber to fiber, copper to fiber or copper to copper media conversion.

  • Fiber to Fiber, copper to fiber and XFP to SFP+ conversion
    • 10GBase-T (RJ45) to SFP+ or XFP
    • SFP+ to SFP+
    • XFP to XFP
    • XFP to SFP+
    • SFP to SFP ( 1000Base-x to 1000Base-x )
    • SFP+ to CX4
  • Use a variety of 10G transceivers supplied by Perle, Cisco or other MSA compliant SFP+ and XFPs
  • Advanced features - Smart Link Pass-Through, Fiber Fault Alert, Loopback and link test generator
  • Support for high-power, Level 4 XFPs
  • Optical signal regeneration: 3R (re-amplify, reshape, and retime)

Perle 10 Gigabit Media Converters are available in the following form factors

For low to mid-density applications, choose Standalone models

For high-density applications, choose the MCR1900 Media Converter Chassis and

Optical Transceivers


SFP+ and XFP Pluggable Optical Modules - 10 Gigabit Optical Transceivers

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