Redundant Path Technology

Redundant Path technology assures serial port access through Active Standby and Dual Network Access modes on all dual Ethernet IOLANs.

Active Standby Mode

A dual Ethernet IOLAN in Active Standby mode will monitor its primary Ethernet connection and if it detects a loss of communication it will automatically switch to the secondary Ethernet line. This provides a hot backup on its Ethernet connection to the network.

RPS Redundant Path Technology

Dual Network Access Mode

A dual Ethernet IOLAN in Dual Network Access mode provides connections to two separate networks simultanously. In the event of network equipment failure in one network, administrators have an alternate path through a second network to access their console server.

RPS Redundant Path Technology

In Co-location environments where separate IT infrastructures are being managed by a single console server or console server cluster, Dual Network Access mode enables administrators of the Co-location server to manage all of the equipment versus having to have a separate set of console servers to access the equipment.

Featured on the following IOLAN Models:


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