Finance & Insurance

Managing the IT infrastructure is a constant challenge for large financial and insurance institutions. From complex head office applications to office automation servers in remote branches, support staff are always kept busy.

The key to effective management is having the right connectivity across the whole infrastructure. Central or remote devices must be readily accessible for diagnostics, configuration, or user setups. Although specialist management software provides in-band remote monitoring across the network, some tasks may require physical access to a serial port.

Perle technology enables financial institutions to connect, manage, share, and configure remote equipment. Perle Console Servers for example, enable IT staff and network administrators to manage their network infrastructure out of band and minimise network downtime. Fiber Media Converters are installed at Financial Data Centres to ensure the fastest Ethernet data transmission speeds over fiber.

Finance and Insurance

It all adds up to an anywhere, anytime management solution for pro-active yet cost-effective support across the entire IT infrastructure.

Below are a few examples of Perle customers in the finance and insurance sector:

Central Bank of Nigeria use Perle Industrial Switches in CCTV Security Upgrade

Acti-Tech select Perle PoE Industrial Switches to fulfil connectivity requirements for new a CCTV installation operating in a high temperature environment where commercial-grade equipment would fail.

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Jamaica's Ministry of Finance network enables critical budgeting processes

Terminal Servers were installed throughout the building to network enable 180 user terminals for access to system host servers.

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Making critical reporting applications accessible over the LAN - Leading Banking Institution

IOLAN Device Servers extended the availability of a critical report by connecting 150 application specific serial printers to the LAN and moving the application to a back office server.

Console Management enhances data security at a renowned world banking institution

Console Servers provide secure remote access to multiple distributed Ethernet switches and ensure all network data transmissions are secure.

Other Customers in the Financial Sector:

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